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4 Fantastic Apps That Will Revolutionise How You Manage Your Money

Man using an iPad

Smartphones and tablets aren’t just for fun – they can be used to manage your money too.

When it comes to managing your budget, it helps to have an effective method of tracking how much money is coming in and out of your various bank accounts and credit cards (and even your physical wallet, if you tend to pay cash for things) every day. It also  helps to have a secure, safe and reliable way of sending and receiving money online. While using a spreadsheet or a desktop program can be a good option, how can you remember everything you’re spending when you’re out and about?
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Business Travellers Increasingly Stay in Serviced Apartments

The past few years have seen strong growth in Australian business travel – fuelled by the growing Australian economy and the continued boom in the natural resources sector.

At the same time, property investment opportunities in business accommodation sectors are increasing too, with secure growth and strong returns expected for the next few years or so.

Is Business Travel Increasing?

The most recent stats from the Australian Government’s Tourism Industry Facts and Figures 2012 report show strong growth in inbound business travel to Australia – with a 6% increase in inbound business travellers to nearly 700,000 visitors per year. That equates to nearly 13,500 visitors per week or 2,700 per weekday (Mon to Fri).
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Can First Time Buyers Get Onto Australia’s Property Ladder?

The kind of first home that Gen-Y’s find Pintereting

What is it going to take to buy my first place, without breaking the bank? That’s what first time home buyers in Australia are asking themselves. There are literally thousands of houses and units for sale from one side of the country to the next, maybe of which are very expensive compared to the take care income of a next entrant to the workplace.

This is a question that many people ask. In fact, some are so scared of what they will find that they never consider buying a home – at least not for the time being – until prices become more affordable.

Despite the fact that there are homes in Australia that are sure to be out of your price range, there comes a time when you might want to buy your first home. Instead, set a budget along with a basic idea of what you are hoping to find. From there, narrow down your search as a means of making a confident final decision.

Before we take a closer look at some of the homes for sale in Australia – primarily in the country’s capital cities – let’s focus on three details associated with the home buying process:

1. Your salary

Let’s face it: this is the one detail that is going to be on your mind from the beginning. The amount of money that you earn is going to dictate the type of home you can afford. Along with knowing your salary right now, consider the stability of your employment. If you are worried that your job may not last much longer, it could be best to hold off on a purchase for the time being.

2. Home Loan Availability

Wouldn’t it be nice to have enough cash in the bank to pay for a home in full? With this, you would never have to worry about the loan process or concern yourself with making a monthly payment. Most people don’t find themselves in this position. Instead, they need a home loan to buy real estate. Despite an economy that has been struggling, first time home buyers can still qualify for a home loan.

Tip: compare interest rates and other pertinent details from more than one back. This will help you target the perfect loan and lender.

3. Cost of Living

It is one thing for the bank to approve you for a loan. It is another thing entirely to know that you can make your monthly payment while keeping up with other costs of living. Will you be able to afford the utilities, maintenance, and repairs that go along with owning a home? If so, will you still be able to enjoy the rest of your life as you have come accustomed?

Now that you have a better idea of what you should be considering as a new property buyer in Australia, it is time to take a look at five potential places to consider chosen from a casual stroll through property site Domain:

1. Melbourne

412/212 Victoria Street, Carlton for $310,000
412/212 Victoria Street, Carlton for $310,000
Need to live in Melbourne’s urban center? If so, this new residential development is right up your alley. It may not be a single family home, but you will definitely fall in love with the amenities.

2. Sydney

38 College St, Darlinghurst for $255,000
Do you want to live in the city? Don’t need a lot of space in your first place? This studio apartment is an excellent choice. It has view of the city as well as Hyde Park. Along with this, there are plenty of features, including a pool, to fall in sweeten the pain of buying.

3. Perth

43/26 Stanley Street, Mount Lawley for $299,000
A slightly prison-like building for first time buyers, this home is on the river and features many amenities you will come to love. From the one bedroom to the spacious laundry/bathroom, this is the right blend of location and amenities for first time buyers.

4. Brisbane.

128 Charlotte Street, Brisbane for $408,000
Breaking onto the Brisbane property ladder is not something that will come cheap. However, once you live here you will never go back. This apartment is situated in the luxurious Charlotte Towers, one of the top locations in the city. With city views and plenty of amenities, it has everything a first time buyer could ever want.

5. Adelaide

22 Corryton Street, Adelaide for $390,000
Is single family living your thing? This place definitely needs some work, but it will be all yours once the project is complete. The location is what makes this home a must have for a first time buyer; just a few steps away from restaurants, cafes, and so much more.

As you can see, getting onto Australia’s property ladder can be very expensive. But remember, you get what you pay for, which isn’t much. But when you buy a home, it is yours to do with as you please. Along with this, you are hopefully building equity with each passing year.

It’s a tall order, but With a steady job and a solid down payment, small personal debts going into it, low expectations, a game plan and the patience to search for the perfect property, you will find yourself joining millions of other homeowners in Australia.

Here’s Who Should NOT Consider Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Balance transfer credit cards are being talked about more and more online. So much in fact that many consumers are making the wrong decision to apply for them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of this option. However, I also know that there is no such thing as a one size fits all financial option. That’s no matter if you’re talking about credit cards, checking accounts, investments, ect… When it comes to finances, everyone is unique and should make decisions based on what their unique financial position. Below are a few examples of reasons you may not want to consider balance transfer credit cards!
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This is How to Cut Your Expenses When Unemployed

If you don’t believe that unemployment is a problem in Australia, think again. As of December 2012, unemployment increased to 653,800 and the unemployment rate increased to 5.4%. Should you lose your job due to a layoff or otherwise, you must look for ways to cut your expenses. Hopefully, you have an emergency fund to help you through the tough times, but if not here are some things you can do to help yourself get through this tough financial time.
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4 Basic Stock Market Rules Not to Forget

Stock market monkey

Have you heard of Lusha? Lusha, a Moscow resident, put together a stock portfolio that beat 94% of all of Russia’s mutual fund managers. That’s an impressive feat for anybody and in the investing world, when you’re successful everybody wants to know how you did it. Lusha is certainly the Russian equivalent of an Ivy League educated financial graduate who has worked for all of the biggest investment firms in the world. She was probably hand picked to be the next greatest investor and making big money with each of her equally brilliant stock picks.
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The Money Paradox: Thailand

This summer I had the pleasure of vacationing on the island of Koh Lanta in Thailand. It was a beautiful island, not overdeveloped or crawling with tourists. What makes it special is that the islanders have managed to cater to visitors without losing touch with their traditional speed of living.

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6 Real Estate Investment Tips for First-Time Buyers

first time buyer

Whether you’re looking for a financial investment or a home for your family to grow up in, purchasing property for the first time is an exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking prospect. You can feel less nervous about it by preparing yourself with the following tips for real estate investment.

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Five of the Best and Worst Cars to Insure

There are many factors that affect how much your car insurance will be, everything from age to postcode, but it’s well worth remembering that the kind of car you drive also plays a big role. This might seem like stating the obvious but you would be surprised by how large a difference there can be between insurance on seemingly similar cars.

Here are five cars which will help in keeping your premiums down – and a couple that are likely to make you go weak at the knees!

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The Cost of Having a Hobby

Everybody has a hobby. Some people have more than one. While some hobbies are extremely affordable (even free), there are others that cost quite a bit of money.

If you truly enjoy your hobby, you don’t want to let the financial impact keep you away. Instead, you need to realise that there are costs associated with your activity. From there, you can make changes that will help you stay within your budget.

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