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Money Saving Tips for Your Garden

money saving tips for gardening
If you are a keen gardener then you’ll know how much money it can cost to keep your garden looking beautiful and pristine. A good deal of time and resources goes into making a garden exceptional. You can, however, save a little bit of money with smart planting and a few accessories.

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Travelling with Cash Only

travelling with cash only
It was your usual tropical paradise combo of sea, sun, sand and simply nothing to do. How awful, right? This particular heaven on earth was the island of Koh Lanta off the coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. Koh Lanta is a quiet island, especially off season, which blissfully isn’t over run with gap year students and stoned looking backpackers.

It’s mostly small family run hotels and restaurants with very little visible night life (at least off season – apparently it is much livelier in high season). We were there for some much needed R&R, so it was perfect. Though imagine my surprise the first time I whipped out my visa card to pay for lunch to learn that they didn’t accept credit cards. My pulse quickened… what, no credit cards?
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Loving Life on a Budget

loving life on a budget
Everyone is looking for ways to cut back on the budget. That’s the smart way to go, but it doesn’t mean you have to cut back on the quality of life as well. There are plenty of ways to live well without busting your budget.

Here are some ideas of things you could consider cutting out to lead a more frugal life while still enjoying yourself.

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Organising Life via Spreadsheets

As a mum of three kids, an entrepreneur and a wife, I have operated on a budget for quite some time and am constantly revamping my way or organising our lives on paper. My limited knowledge of spreadsheets meant having one column that listed all of our family expenses with a total at the bottom. I had no idea you could find these templates on the web that will allow you to input your numbers and track your data without writing one formula or spending one minute trying to format the size of everything to fit nicely in your screen shot. You can find free spreadsheets for just about any need on the web.

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The Value of Good Ole Fashion Networking

With the help of technology, getting the word out about your product or service has never been easier or cheaper! Between YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, personal websites and email marketing, you can inform potential customers about a promotion, invite them to an event, and persuade them to contact their circles of influence all with the click of a button on your computer.

Despite the rapid movement of information and ease with which we can all reach our target markets, nothing, however, takes the place of good ole fashion networking! A face-to-face conversation will never be outdone by fancy graphics or a hundred “likes!”
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Getting an Australian Domain Name: What You Need to Know

getting an australian domain

Purchasing a domain with a ‘.com, .biz, .net, .info, or .org’  doesn’t come with any restrictions. They are considered “policy free” and anyone can purchase one. Websites like are commonly used to search for an available domain name. You can pay to own it for a few years up front and even receive assistance and guidance about hosting your website.

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Four Easy Ways to Pay Online with Security

shopping online

Australians are buying more and more goods through online shopping, with 2011 purchases exceeding $13 billion. Variety of goods available and ease of purchasing are the two largest reasons this has become a viable option for many people. Also, you can shop 24/7 from all of your electronic devices from laptops to iPads and even mobile phones! When considering the best way to pay for online purchases, you have several options.

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The Art of Business Blogging

the art of business blogging

The power of the written word is very much alive in business today. While new graduates of universities may be lacking in ideal communication abilities, the vast majority of people are still swayed by persuasive and informative writing. A well-maintained business blog can be the difference between a million dollar business and a lost investment.

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What to do When your Credit Card is Compromised

credit card fraud

Finding out that your wallet has been stolen with all of your credit cards inside can be very scary. In this day and age of credit card fraud horror stories, taking action quickly upon discovering your cards are missing is the key to saving yourself a lot of trouble down the road.

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Australia is Lagging Behind in Technology Investments

australia lags behind in it industry

When the word productivity is discussed in relation to Australia’s economy, most people think of regulatory issues, manufacturing, mining, infrastructure, and opening up ports as a way to increase productivity and drive up the standard of living. An often overlooked platform for economical growth is technology. Many experts are worried that Australia is being left behind other first world nations because of its lack of investment in technology and pursuit of technological advancements.

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